/Introducing Arsenal Soccer Schools at PATHWAYS!

Introducing Arsenal Soccer Schools at PATHWAYS!

Arsenal is famous for playing football with flair and an attacking philosophy, and their inspirational style excites fans across the globe. They have championed a highly technical brand of the game that has filtered right through, from the first team to the youth academy and their youth development programme – the Arsenal Soccer Schools. 

India On Track (IOT) has partnered with Arsenal FC to bring this very philosophy to football enthusiasts in India through India’s first comprehensive football grassroots development programme. The new long-term partnership gives IOT the opportunity to open official Arsenal Soccer Schools throughout India and provide full- time training, coaching and conditioning to participating students.

The training programmes are conceptualized, designed and developed by the Arsenal Technical Director Joe Sutton in accordance with Arsenal’s globally renowned soccer school programmes. The Arsenal team will deliver them along with Mark Seagraves, former coach of Premier League clubs Wigan Athletic and Derby County, and Bob Houghton, former coach of the Indian Football Team. All coaches and trainers of the programme are trained and approved by Arsenal, teaching the students to ‘Play the Arsenal Way’.

The programme will deliver best-in-class, age appropriate training in quality facilities. Introductory and recreational levels, up to high-level technical training will be available and evaluation will take place via regular progress reports. The programme is open to non Pathways students as well so we encourage you to spread the word around.