/A Glimpse into Outer Space by the students of Pathways World School…

A Glimpse into Outer Space by the students of Pathways World School…



Pathways World School organised a trip to the NASA space centre in the U.S for the students for their learning and growth. The students of Pathways World School, Doon School and Gurukul Global School finally set foot on American soil with little knowledge of what lay ahead of them in the upcoming days after a really long journey from Delhi to Houston, via Dubai and Paris.

Their time at Space Centre Houston was four days of a totally out-of-this-world educative experience. They were evenly divided into 5 teams: Gold, Silver, White, Red and Blue. These teams were made uniting the children of Pathways World School, Doon School and Gurukul Global School. Their aim was to complete the different tasks that were given to them, within the budget of $329 million. That does seem like quite a lot of money, but trust me; they were struggling to fit the cost of all of their projects into it by the end of our time at Space School. They created a Mars Rover, a Mars Lander and a Rocket too. These projects involved great planning and teamwork.

Through these days, they watched a lot of presentations, went around the Space Centre, and talked to many experts from NASA from whom they learnt a lot of new things about their world and beyond; especially the beyond. They even went scuba diving one day where they got to learn the different skills of this sport and made a structure underwater as a challenge. On a tram tour, they got to witness the Astronaut Training Centre and saw the Saturn 5 Rocket for ourselves. Its vastness left them in wonder.

One of the main aspects of space featured in these presentations and movies was the International Space Station, or the ISS. They learnt a lot about the ISS and also about how people live in space. At the end of it, they had to test each of their products. The final day was a formal dinner and the graduation ceremony, which was a proud moment for them. The White Team emerged victorious and claimed the gold medals which were given for overall skill displayed during their time at Space School. They were all winners, though, as they all won a lot of new knowledge. They all went back home with a much clearer idea of the many aspects of Space and with a strong determination to go out there and explore someday!

After all of these adventures, they finally landed safely back in Delhi, and while they were all relieved to be back at home, they also all missed their time at Houston and Orlando.