/Pathways School Noida hosted the Hybrid Craft Activity in collaboration with Toyota Kirloskar Motor

Pathways School Noida hosted the Hybrid Craft Activity in collaboration with Toyota Kirloskar Motor


It was a very exciting morning for the students of Pathways School Noida as they were hosting Hybrid Craft Campaign at their school campus conducted by Toyota Kirloskar Motor. Students from middle school aging from 10 – 14 years participated in this activity. The Hybrid Craft Campaign is a unique and interactive way for the students to understand hybrid technology and its benefits to the environment.


The activity consisted of a detailed program wherein Pathways students were sensitized about pollution and its ill effects. They were also introduced to the concept of Hybrid Technology and the ways in which it can be used to curtail the ill effects of pollution and also help conserve fuel. In this activity, the middle school students of Pathways School Noida got Toyota Hybrid kits which were imported from Japan and made hybrid cars from them, keeping in mind the pollution and hybrid technology.


After designing the cars, there was a level of satisfaction and happiness on the faces of the kids as they knew that they actually designed a car. Then, the students did a test run of the car and were judged on the basis of how well the car moves. At the end, the kids took their cars along to show it to their family and friends. They were extremely happy with their achievement at such a young age.


Speaking on the occasion, Dr. Shalini Advani, School Director, Pathways school Noida said “Our curriculum at Pathways lays great emphasis on teaching students to think of green solutions to the ills of pollution. We are delighted with Toyota’s imaginative initiative which introduces this new technology. It supports our own hands-on learning approach at Pathways, which teaches students to look for new ways of handling the problems of our world today”.


Commenting on Toyota’s educational initiative on Hybrid Technology, Mr. Sandeep Singh, Deputy Managing Director, Sales & Marketing, Toyota Kirloskar Motor said, “Toyota is considered to be the pioneers of hybrid technology and is renowned for it worldwide. With the launch of the third generation Toyota Prius in 2010, we are very pleased to bring this technology to India. The whole idea behind introducing this technology in India was to create awareness about hybrid technology and to sensitize the people about the positive effects of the same.