/PYP Exhibition at Pathways Aravali

PYP Exhibition at Pathways Aravali

Students of Grade 5 have been working towards the PYP Exhibition for over a month now, as they prepare for the final dates of 21st and 22nd April. This year the teachers chose the theme, “Sharing the Planet” and the students selected the strand of ‘struggle to share finite resources’ for their inquiry. As the journey is so important in the PYP, we decided to document it this year through a blog. The blog documents their learning, thoughts, brainwaves, highs and lows, as they have experienced on every step of this path. Please do visit the blog and have a look! Your comments will greatly encourage the 45 students and the 10 teachers working on this well concerted and mammoth project!

By Abhimanyu Dasgupta
PYP Coordinator- Pathways Aravali