/Pathways Noida Completes 100 days

Pathways Noida Completes 100 days


Right from the first day of school, the students of Form 2 have been doing the ‘Calendar Activity’, filling in dates, days, months and the year. At the end of each month they calculate the number of days they have come to school and put up the tally. It is from this that they arrived at the 100th day of school.

They celebrated it by making crowns with their own special message on it. They stuck ten strips of paper, each with ten things on it. Through this activity the concepts of adding in 10s and multiplying with 10 got further reinforced. The children were extremely excited to share their findings with the rest of the school. What also emerged was their ability to be risk-takers (going to each classroom, from primary to senior) and confident communicators. This wouldn’t have been possible without the encouragement and motivation they received from the entire school community. All in all, they had a great day!

By: The Pathways Noida Team