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Ides of March|Pathways Gurgaon


Lately, there is an upheaval and so much turmoil and unrest in many parts of the world.  Even the nature has wrath its fury and the recent Earthquake and Tsunami in Japan has caused the unprecedented destruction. When bad things happen it becomes imperative for the humanity to bring about a CHANGE. We can see that change occurring in tiny little steps that mankind takes to make life better. One such step in that direction was taken by the Pathwazians of Pathways Gurgaon , on the Ides of March when they bid their peers not to “Beware the Ides of March”, a saying, made famous the slaying of Julius Caesar by antiquity’s best known turncoat Senator Brutus. By enacting the powerful speeches of the two celebrated orators – Brutus and Antony, along with a journey into the Roman world an attempt was made to leave the audience with a thought that paradise starts with the love we show each other here on earth.

Article By: Megha Oberoi
Senior English Teacher