/Pi Day Celebrations

Pi Day Celebrations


Grade 7 celebrated the Pi day on March 14 in the Middle School. This date is significant when written the American way; i.e. 3.14 as these are the first three digits of Pi.

The Pi Song was screened for the students which set the celebratory tone for the activities to follow. This video went on to give the historical account of Pi set to the tune of the song “American Pie” by DonMcLean.

Next, the students were given three activities related to Pi. One group of students had to derive the value of Pi by finding the ratio of circumference to diameter of three different sizes of circles. To their joy all the three ratios settled down very closely to the value of Pi.

In the second activity, the students had to derive the area of a circle by cutting and pasting the sectors of a circle alternately in the shape of a parallelogram, from the template given to them. They then applied their previous mathematical knowledge to derive the area of a circle which contains the Pi.

The third group made colourful charts based on facts and trivia about Pi.

Our Principal- Middle School, Mr. Sumit Dargan and HoD Maths, Ms. Neeraja also dropped  by and participated in the celebrations. Their presence encouraged the students to give in their best.

Mr. Sandip Munde and Mr. Shiv Gaur organised this tribute to this famous irrational number.

Shiv Gaur
Faculty, Maths