/Middle School celebrates Holi

Middle School celebrates Holi


With winter neatly tucked up in the attic, its time to come out of our cocoons and thoroughly enjoy this Spring festival that marks up the beginning of yet another summer. It signifies good harvest and fertility, happiness and joy to the people and things around us. It’s the perfect time to enjoy the freedom of relaxed rules and sometimes join in the merriment sanely rather aggressive, and that’s what Pathways conceives in.

Harmful chemical colours are the perils of Holi. At Pathways we play it safe and absolutely natural, because we believe in an enjoyable yet humble way to express the colourful excitement of this festival, which is good for our environment. As a tradition, every year at Pathways World School, we mark the festive season with good memories we share with each other while playing with harmless natural flowers. This year was no exception.  On the 15th of March, the entire Middle School assembled near the Basketball court to play Holi with a variety of flower petals; excluding water, colour or water balloons as such.  It was a great experience for the new students and teachers as well who’d never played Holi before!! Everyone shook a leg to the beat of the ‘dhol’ and thoroughly enjoyed themselves. The spirit of Holi is such that even people from other communities take part and Holi becomes a festival where entire India unites!

Kanika Agarwal