/Preparations leading to the Showcase Event- Pathways to Peace

Preparations leading to the Showcase Event- Pathways to Peace

The glistening sweat and the brimming smile on the faces of the danseuse brought me to ponder for a while….wasn’t this the peace that we were looking for. The rehearsals for the production were still underway and we were getting there but the levels of energy and the joy de vivre that was exemplified on the faces of these young, budding artistes was well worth the logistical nightmare that we all ‘adults’ often brooded over.

It was a vision long standing. The school had in its years of initiation put together productions of not only high quality but of unmatched grandeur and scale. Now, the challenge put with us was to take the same beyond the four walls of our campus and into a venue which would allow people easier access.

Bringing  in an external Director to direct the play from concept to finish was another approach that we took upon. Mr. Feisal Alkazi, a man from the world of theatre whose repute and standing spreads far and wide was the task master.

Work began in earnest in September, after a spate of internal meetings and the first challenge was the auditioning of a projected cast of 400 students for the dance and drama. This was not easy to say the least and the weather gods too played truant to the fullest.

Before we knew, we had the cast set, the dancers in place and the sequences began to emerge more lucidly…..

As we all got comfortable with the flow, we had to take a break, with a determination to return to this by the mid of February with full gusto.

Cranking up the machinery was not easy, but the determination and the enthusiasm of the students was our driving force. And yes, with each passing day, with each charged up rehearsal we are getting closer to the dream of sharing…..bringing to the world our pathways to peace.

Article By: Mr. Sumit Dargan
Principal Middle School
Pathways Aravali