On February 9th, a successful language carnival was organized under the initiative of the MFL, where students of middle and high school gathered at the Pathways Noida amphitheatre to commemorate our strong linguistic ties with the countries of Spain and France. The essence of the festiveness was evident in the `meet and greet` that ensued in our native Hindi, Spanish and French. Students opened the event in `tasking` teachers speaking no French to recite passages in French, non Hindi speakers to recite Hindi passages etc. There was much good humored laughter as they stumbled across unfamiliar words and pronunciation. The highlight of the program was a vibrant rendition of the traditional Flamenco music performed by Mr. Ignacio and his wife Ms. Belin which had everyone transfixed.

The invitation was produced in all three languages most artistically under the expert guidance of Mr. Anil, our versatile art teacher, followed by a performance by out star performers Sana, Eshaan, Shaquille and Partha. Performed were songs and dances from throughout India as well as the French and Spanish speaking worlds.   School Director Dr. Shalini Advani closed the noon assembly, again emphasizing the importance of second and third language learning.

The students of Grade 8 established a Kiosk with newspaper, magazines and bright and traditional Spanish memorabilia, besides dressing in the garb local to the region. Spanish and French cuisine completed the ambience of a distant land. Overall, the proceedings definitely achieved the effect of transporting visiting guests ever so lightly and vividly to the bohemian streets of Spain and France.