/Bobby Varky’s interaction with Students from Pathways Aravali

Bobby Varky’s interaction with Students from Pathways Aravali


Mr  Bobby Varky who is working as an Executive Editor for ‘M’ magazine had an interesting interaction with the students of Grade 4 on the 14th February 2011. He explained the meaning of a journalist and the difference between a journalist and a reporter. He told the students  about the division of work in a newspaper. The reporters who collect news from various sources have the language and grammar checked by the Copy Desk which comprises the editors. The students were curious to know about the making of newspapers  and asked a lot of questions. Here is a sample of some of their questions

  • How does news reach the reporter?
  • What happens if a false story is printed?
  • What happens if two reporters get the same story?
  • Do reporters fight for the page they want their news to be published?
  • How do the newspapers keep to the deadlines?
  • What happens if the news is not ready on time?
  • When was the first newspaper made?
  • How much time is taken to print a newspaper?
  • Is the news on TV same as that of a newspaper?
  • How do the reporters get the news from other countries?

The students were active listeners as they heard about different types of newspapers and the working of a newspaper. Drawing from his own experience with the major national dailies of India, Mr Varky sketched a picture of how a newspaper takes shape. He also spoke about passion for the job and a love for the language as essentials to succeed. He expressed his admiration at the level of intelligent questions the students had posed. At the end of the interaction he had inspired some of the students to become journalists when they grew up.

Article By: Renu Kaushal
Primary School