/Pathways Noida Students Visit National Science Centre

Pathways Noida Students Visit National Science Centre


On Friday, students of grades 6 to 11 had a fascinating visit to the National Science Centre, Pragati Maidan. In fact it turned out to be an eye opener as we saw intriguing aspects of science/math in the form of live working models! The trip was divided into two parts – a preliminary visit and investigative study. In all there were seven different galleries. All students were given a worksheet outlining the synopsis of the concepts/models displayed at NSC.

Students were very excited to see some of the models from science especially the one which gives information about the amount of water in various organs of the human body.

The scientific magic show conducted by the supervisor at NSC was awesome. Children found out the amazing applications of Liquid Nitrogen and how it does the trick for magicians! There were various other models on Physics, Chemistry, IT etc. The mathematical model on Pythagoras Theorem was praised by everyone. The Elliptical Carom turned out to be a real jigsaw as children tried hard to figure out the mathematics behind it. All children got almost lost in the Mirror Maze – an application of the Physics concept.

Already further trips are being planned by individual teachers to follow up on specific learning areas of the museum. It’s truly a perfect world of learning by doing.

By- Raju Verma
Head of Maths- Pathways Noida