/Kindergarten Assembly Celebrated at Pathways Gurgaon

Kindergarten Assembly Celebrated at Pathways Gurgaon


Sing, Dance, and Celebrate!

Our life is surrounded with many celebrations and traditions. Many of us don’t know why many of the events are celebrated, but we keep doing the same year after year.

The Kindergarten assembly, on Saturday February 5th was based on the Unit of Inquiry “Let’s Celebrate!” The students have been learning about how people recognize important events through celebrations. To begin the process, each student chose a celebration and inquired about the same. They began research by interviewing adults and asking questions like what, when, why and how about their chosen celebration.  They depicted scenes of each celebration through songs, dances and theatre. Through this performance students were able to understand the similarities and the differences about different celebrations around the world.

The multicultural performances presented before the audience instilled the importance of togetherness in celebrations.

Article By: Ridhi Uppal
Kindergarten Form Tutor
Pathways Gurgaon