/Pathways Annual Chairman’s Meet 2011

Pathways Annual Chairman’s Meet 2011

“Coming together is a beginning. Keeping together is progress. Working together is success.”….Henry Ford


With this strong belief in heart, on a bright sunny morning on 16th January, the Pathways family gathered at the Aravali campus to celebrate the success that Pathways has witnessed in the year 2010. The year 2010 was the year when the vision of the Chairman- Mr. Pramod Jain fructified into reality…. when two new schools were added to the Pathways family. The three schools and the Corporate office came together to celebrate the joy of togetherness.

The event was given a glorious start by a special prayer presented by the entire team of Pathways Gurgaon, followed by the Great Pathways Talent Hunt, where the participants had only a minute to showcase their talent. It was succeeded by the Ad mads, where in the teams from Pathways Aravali, Gurgaon and Noida came up with a very entertaining campaign for Pathways Finishing schools, B Schools and Preschools and Day care respectively. Post that everybody moved to the field games and enjoyed themselves to the hilt, playing cricket, basketball, throw ball, carom, chess, table tennis etc. The highlight of the event was the inter unit tug of war, which saw the fighting spirit of the respective teams.

Here is an account of the Chairman’s meet, by one of the teachers of Pathways Noida.

Pathways Noida team & the Chairman’s Meet…

It was barely a few months back when all the new teachers and staff from Noida and Gurgaon met at Aravali. The energy of the flagship school left us all breathless – its systems and its vision enveloped the whole school and we were immersed in it.

On January 16, the teachers of Pathways School Noida walked through the scenic and serene pathways of Aravalli and it felt like our first day of school. At the admin building, in the lobby we eagerly waited for all buses to come in one by one to warmly greet our friends, familiar faces with whom we shared great memories.

The lush green periphery of the atrium and tinkling of the waterfall made the perfect setting for encouraging and warm words of welcome from our Chairman, Board of Governors and Directors. Each and every member of the audience was truly in sync with the vision of the school, we all gathered as people who may be at different places but we all believe in shaping the future of our children and our nation in the highest possible manner.

To most of us at Noida School, the day was about connections; connecting with old and  new, the mentors from the Aravali school, the Jain family and our noteworthy directors. We re-connected with the child in us and participated in games we remember playing as children, getting our hands dirty and faces muddy, shouting in glee, sometimes defending our team and at other times rooting for them. We realized that for a minute there we all got a bit too competitive – we reconnected with the little child in us and the little devil that wants us to win, always!

The true purpose of this meet, to most of us was an awareness of how other schools are shaping up and how we all can learn from each other. This kind of interaction is very unique to our Pathways family – we network, share resources and ideas willingly. In our busy schedules, we often don’t find time to realize how truly talented we all are or appreciate the rich resources we have around. This day was a great chance to interact with teachers we had met during our various workshops, discuss strategies and learn from each others’ experiences. Pathways world school had brought our worlds closer together, making us realize that despite our different locations, the Pathways family has one common goal – to be the best, together.

Article By: Bhavya Bhatt
Middle School English Dept
Pathways Noida