The first Investiture Ceremony of the elected Students’ Council of Pathways School Noida was held on 4th of December 2010. In a solemn ceremony held at the atrium of the school’s Junior Section, Dr. Shalini Advani (Director) and the Principals of the three sections conferred the badges and handed over the flags to the members of the Senior and Primary Councils.

In her speech Dr. Advani transported the audience to a situation fifty years into the future, trying to look at today’s historical moment from that perspective. Mr. Jaffar (High School Principal) recounted anecdotes of how he was inspired by a student who, by his actions, was a study in leadership qualities. Mrs. Lamba (Primary School Principal) talked about various leadership qualities expected from the student council members. Present at the occasion were the proud parents of the two Councils, complete with multiple cameras. The middle school choir provided a rousing and melodious opening song.

The motivated demeanour of the members of the council was proof enough that Pathways School Noida had crossed yet another threshold in creating an inspiring legacy for the future.

The members of the new Secondary School Council are:

President – Shivanu Mandal

Sports Captain Boys – Eshan Shukla

Sports Captain Girls – Ishita Beniwal

Captain Earth House – Ashika Jafar

Captain Water House – Partha Sharma

Captain Air House – Maulini Sikri

Captain Fire House – Srishti Mehrotra

The members of the new Primary School Council are:

President – Manav Khurana

Captain Earth House – Ankit Singh

Captain Water House – Anmol Kaul

Captain Air House – Mehak Dewan

Captain Fire House – Srijan Mehrotra

Article By: Dr. Shalini Advani
School Director, Pathways Noida