/Pathways Gurgaon Students and Teachers Visited the Bookaroo Festival | An Exciting Time Indeed!

Pathways Gurgaon Students and Teachers Visited the Bookaroo Festival | An Exciting Time Indeed!


The children of grade 7 and 8 were fortunate to be a part of the ongoing ‘Bookaroo’ festival which was being celebrated at the Indira Gandhi National Centre for Arts. It is established as the first Children’s Literature Festival in India. It is considered to be plural, multilingual festival, showcasing the best in International and Indian children’s literature. It aims in promoting Children’s literature both locally, regionally and globally to encourage cultural exchange and dialogue, education and development.

The children were excited to meet the prominent teen author, ‘Anthony Horowitz’, who spoke about his series of books titled: Alex Rider. He gave an insight into what interests the teens world over, calling ‘Alex Rider’ a phenomenon to deal with. He spoke about how parents can become part of ‘One family reading together’. He highlighted the importance of reading time as a family bonding time and reiterated that his series of books give plenty of opportunity to enjoy that time together even with children aged 12-16, as his books have all the adventure and freshness for the child and seriousness and newness for an adult

The children also enjoyed, ‘The art of Pop Ups’ by ‘Robert Sabuda’ who is the creator of intricate and magical pop-up books. He appears regularly on television to share his enthusiasm for creativity, art and books with children. He showcased what it takes to create a popup book, what earlier seemed too childish to an adult. He was generous enough to regard the hard work of all the men engaged in giving the book its shape in which it reaches the readers. He showed how his work is truly global; how the work is created and contributed by people who live across continents and get to the readers world over who read and savour the elements of the creative spirit imbibed in the books.

By: Ambika Roshan
English Teacher, Middle School
Pathways Gurgaon