/Pathways World School to Celebrate Udeesha 2010 | A Festival of the Arts | An Ode to Humanity

Pathways World School to Celebrate Udeesha 2010 | A Festival of the Arts | An Ode to Humanity

Pathways World School, Aravali will be celebrating Udeesha – A Festival of the Arts, from Thursday 25th November to Saturday 27th November, 2010 at the school premises. Some of the participating schools include Ahmedabad International School; Vasant Valley School, Delhi; DPS International; Hope Town School, Dehradun etc.

Udeesha’ (a Sanskrit word), means the first ray of the sun at dawn. For Pathways, it signifies the hope that ultimately, the world will come together with a common dream and to enable that to happen, it is important to sing and dance and muse together.

The festival aims to celebrate the theme of “Celebrating Humanity”. Students will be encouraged to share their cultures, thoughts and opinions through forums of dance, music, art, debate and elocution, and participate in the activities on the Aravali hills, on the beautiful Pathways campus.

The major highlights of the event are The Curran Anand Memorial Elocution Contest; Debate; Quiz Competition; Musical Ensembles; Arts; Drama; Dance and many more exciting activities.

Event Details
Teacher in-charge – Ms. Geeta Varma
Debate Topic

‘The Concept of One world, One People is a Myth’

‘So You Think You Can Dance!’
Teacher in-charge- Mr. Norbu David
A choreographed dance recital in the form of a story. Dancers to use props like hat, cane, chair, scarf. Participants to get their own musical piece and hand it in during registration.

‘The No-spill Challenge’
Teacher in charge – Mr. James Andrew Chandler
Team to design and make a device that will transport water safely from one table to another table at a distance of 2 m. without spilling or physically handling it [e.g. the design could include a pulley/bridge/crane, etc]. The teams would be successfully judged by the amount of water remaining after the transportation. The required material will be provided by the school.

The Curran Anand Elocution Competition
Teacher in charge – Ms. Chandreyee Das Gupta
2 contestants [Grade 9/10 + Grade 11/12].Grades 9/10 contestants will be expected to deliver from memory a poem of no more than 2 minutes duration, while the contestants from Grade 11/12 will deliver from memory, a prose passage of 3 minutes duration

Theme: LIFE

“Together with the Flora and Fauna” – Bird Trail & Self-expression
Teacher in-charge – Ms. Bhagirathy Jhingran
An early morning bird-watching walk that would provide students with the opportunity to sketch and photograph local wildlife. The walk would be lead by a leading ornithologist from WWF-India. Time and material would be made available after the walk for students to prepare their work for an exhibition. Participants are advised to bring along their own cameras/binoculars/bird-books.

A Traveler’s Road Show
Teacher in-charge – Mr. Renjith Janardhan
Students must act out a short story or poem devised from a real life incident or a newspaper story which is not a published play. Props can be provided by the host school, if requested well in advance.

Teacher in-charge – Ms. Neeraja Nibhanupudi
Participants will go through a medley of mathematical collage and drawings and make
inferences. The event will have a series set of rounds with usage of math in various

‘Animate Your Imagination’
Teacher in-charge – Ms. Usha Kasana
Students would be required to create an animation movie from a topic that will be announced on the day.

Deadly Serious!
Teacher in-charge – Kaanan R. Sondhi
Participants have to stage a humorous performance either through mimicry or stand-up comedy!

Teacher in-charge – Mr. Dinesh Bakshi
The participants will be quizzed on multi-disciplines, a series of questions through various rounds

Music-“Sounds Unlimited”
Teacher in-charge – Mr. Vidit Tanwar

Rock Band
Sound equipment will be provided
Only a standard five-piece drum-kit and a ‘stage piano’ will be provided.

Art Fest-“Vistavision”
Teacher in-charge – Mr. Devendra Shukla
This event features many genres of art like drawing, painting, art appreciation and also sculptural art.

Choice of Media and Techniques: Final work produced may combine several techniques and mediums. Artistic understanding and expression may be achieved through various techniques from drawing to painting, and sculpture to conceptual art.

‘Frozen Moments’ – Photography
Teacher in-charge – Mr. Santanu Bhowmick
The theme of the contest will be declared on the 1st day of the festival in the morning. The participants will have one and a half day to shoot and then submit their soft copy. After short listing, the selected ones will be printed and then framed and then ready to be a part of the exhibition.

Hindustani Musical Ensemble

Fun Events/Moments

  • Fun Sports
  • Pathways Aravali Night [D J Night]

For more info on Udeesha visit http://pathways.in/common/se-udeesha.asp?aravali=happ

For info on Pathways Schools visit http://pathways.in/