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The International School Perspective in India | Pathways Schools

Various  international schools are cropping up through out India, parents are enrolling their kids to these schools. An article published in TOI few month ago spelled out clearly about what an international school consist of:

International Curriculum, International faculty & International student body. It is very important for parents to check the affiliation of school before enrolling their kids. All international schools must be affiliated with at least one international Curriculum.

Pathways World School in Gurgaon, Noida and Aravali is open to year-long admissions for the session of 2011-2012. Pathways is a truly international school with all modern amenities like fully air-conditioned classrooms, an advanced international curriculum and a set of highly qualified and dedicated faculty. Pathways World School Gurgaon, Noida and Aravali invites applications for admission from nursery to graduation. The school imparts practical methods of Montessori to implant values of self discipline and cultural awareness.

In India parents & kids are under the assumption that international schools are meant for foreign students only but in reality it is not true. International schools enroll students from all parts of the world. These schools train students from international perspective. Students from such schools can easily mingle in multilingual culture, so, they wont face any difficulty when they move out from one country to another, either for higher studies or jobs.

Yes, International schools help student for Globalised culture. These students interact with students of other countries and know about their culture, traditions and values. Another feature of truly international school is the academic year which coincides with rest of the countries outside India. When students switch from one country to another without compromising on losing a term or reapting a term.

Looking at the success of international schools in India, many school following syllabus ICSE & CBSE affiliated schools have started proclaiming to be international schools.

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