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A Positive Student-Teacher Relationship | Pathways Schools

An important aspect dealt in contemporary era – is how interactive and positive is the relationship between a Teacher and a Student. Many cognitive theorists argue that learning is a social event, and that both teachers and students will pay the price if teachers neglect to form emotionally warm, supportive relationships with and among their students.  According to the observations and surveys – a student spends his/her 5 to 7 hours in school/college around 9 to 10 months annually, and is affected by a group of teachers interacting with them daily. And more troubles outside of school that can easily distract mind of a student. As a result, they need more effective relationship with their teachers. These students feel that caring teachers “legitimize their personal concerns and also help them refocus energy on there goals .

This relationship when groomed – elevates the intellectual abilities of a student, and when neglected by a teacher – freezes the growth of capabilities and skills which resulting a waste of talent and carelessness of a teacher.

Where as a good and healthy relationship is defined through policies and principles of teaching and studying portrayed by Awlia-ullah Kiram S.A and Duat Kiram R.A in their ways of teaching and guidance.  The relationship is projecting a way of learning, studying, educating and teaching with full application of the knowledge practically which needs to be full filled for conceiving the knowledge as a whole.

A positive student-teacher relationships are characterized by open communication, as well as emotional and academic support that exist between students and teachers . A positive relationship starts with a comforting reception from a teacher to a student from day one. The teacher needs to acknowledge the activities performed by students of any level and encourage them which then bond a positive relationship. The student needs to approach with full respect and honor for the teacher and consult in any queries occurring in academic activities and the communication between the student and the teacher serves as a connection between the two, which provides a better atmosphere for a classroom environment. The environment develops the growth of a student gradually in developing a personality, characteristics and manners. The student adapts the style of communication transmitted by the Teacher.

Pathways, an international school for approximately 2000 students from Pre Nursery to Grade 12, offers the flexibility of day, weekly and termly boarding options. Pathways graduates are prepared for entry to degree courses in first-class universities in India, the USA, and the UK and all over the world. Also known for its excellent student- teacher relationship.

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