/International Schools in India |Why Their Growth is so Tremendous | Pathways World Schools at Noida, Gurgaon & Aravali

International Schools in India |Why Their Growth is so Tremendous | Pathways World Schools at Noida, Gurgaon & Aravali

From small barrios in South America to the largest cities in China, Thailand, South Korea, and Laos international schools are opening their doors for the first time and going into business. What is causing this proliferation in international school education? The CNN provides the answer in their news report below. In brief, hundreds of USA companies are exporting their management and production infrastructure overseas.

Generally, wealthy countries and companies will outsource their production and labor to countries that do not always have stringent laws regarding a number of factors including environmental, health, tax, and retirement issues. There often is an absence of trade or labor unions. That’s not to say that the countries above do not have laws as mentioned. However, many high end companies find these countries attractive because of the lower cost of producing and exporting goods from those countries.

The managers and supervisors of those companies are most frequently exported from their home countries along with the technology needed to produce the goods they manufacture. Dell, General Motors (GM), Panasonic and dozens of other companies have exported both their intellectual brain trusts and think tanks to second countries to start up operations there. In the vast majority of cases, the English language is the native language of the managers who have been exported to other countries to start business operations. Many of these top managers, be they women or men, are married with children. Needless to say, the children has to have a quality education in International Standards and International Schools become the only source.

Pathways  Schools in Noida, Gurgaon & Aravali are one of the Top Ranking  International Schools in India. Pathways a group an international school for approximately 2000 students from Pre Nursery to Grade 12, offers the flexibility of day, weekly and termly boarding options. Pathways graduates are prepared for entry to degree courses in first-class universities in India, the USA, and the UK and all over the world.

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