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Nursery Admissions in NCR Schools | The Process Heats Up | Pathways World School

The process for nursery admissions in Delhi schools is gaining momentum as the year 2010 marks its close. With the government standardizing the process of all nursery schools, the parents are satisfied that the at least the information asymmetry has reduced. The government passed orders for all schools to make their admission forms available for purchase from 15th December, 2009 to 15th January, 2010 without any exceptions. With the deadline approaching fast, parents are utilizing the holiday season to churn a bright future for their kids.

With the rush increasing by the day, the government decision is making parents stand in long queues hoping to get their kid admission into the best schools of Delhi. “Nursery admissions in Delhi schools are getting tougher by the year. At times I wonder whether there would be a time when people would actually contemplate which is harder to get: a nursery admission or clearing the IAS,” expressed Mr. Chwala, while waiting for the registration form for his son at a famous Delhi nursery school. With the deadline being common now for all Delhi schools, it essentially means that the search time and the time required visiting each school has been reduced. “I have taken leave of 3 days from office specifically for this purpose. Whichever school I visit, I see a number of parents impatiently waiting at the reception.

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