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How to Select the Best Nursery School for Kids | Pathways World School

Once a kid’s third birth day party is over, parents start thinking about sending her to a nursery school. Though the child had already been to pre-school and learnt to stay away from her parents and manage playing with the other kids, it is difficult for her to cope with the more structured sessions of nursery schools. So, parents must be very selective in enrolling their child in the right nursery school.

Choosing the Right Nursery School

Most of the nurseries offer the same activities (sand play, activities with water, outdoor games, story time, etc) which the kids are already familiar with while they were in pre-school. These activities help the child in knowing how to get along with other children and develop her social skills. Before choosing a nursery school for their child, parents should visit as many nurseries as possible and consider the following points:

  • It is good to know how often the parents can meet the staff.
  • Parents should get permission to sit with the child for one or two sessions so that they can know the special needs of their child.
  • Parents must know about the sessions going on in the nursery school and before their child starts going for school, they should talk to her about those sessions.
  • Find out whether the staff are friendly and doing their work with love and care. Also see how the staff handle the children in maintaining discipline in the class.
  • Is the class over crowded? If so, are they paying attention to each and every child?
  • Is it a hygienic environment?
  • Are the kids there seem happy? Are they having any health complaints that are contagious? For instance, otitis media is very common among kids and the discharge that comes from the ear is highly contagious.
  • Are there any kids who are aggressive?
  • What is the standard of the medical facilities available in case of emergency? Will the nursery school contact the parents immediately?
  • Make sure that the nursery school is not so far from home.

Prepare the Child for the Nursery

Before starting the child for the nursery, ensure that she is well-trained and confident in adapting to the new environment. The child must know in advance what to expect in the nursery school. Teaching her some practical skills such as going to the toilet on her own, taking her coat on and off, managing with shoes, buckles and laces will help in avoiding unnecessary troubles.

Children gain confidence from their parents and when their parents don’t show any anxiety while leaving them in the school for the first day, the children will easily settle in.

Choosing the right nursery school for early childhood education is a crucial task for all parents. Before settling for a nursery school, parents should visit potential schools and decide which one suits their child best. They should also adequately prepare their child before she starts school.


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