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Nursery School Woes | What Parents Should Realize | Pathways World School

It is a proud moment for a parent as they eagerly wait for their toddlers to be big enough and join nursery school. There the child gets to meet other toddlers, intermingle with other adults and start their student life taking a small step. But with the proud feeling there is also a tinge of sadness attached. The kid whom the parent has so closely loved and protected has to manage a few hour routine in the school all by himself.

It is obvious that all parents wants to make this conversion as smooth as possible, but a little part of them does not want this to happen at all. But as long as they are prepared to take the necessary steps to make the life of the children easier in the home-nursery period, everything is going to be fine. It is a important step for a parent to talk to the child about the nursery school, what should they look forward to etc. It is also important to greet the child at the door after they are done for the day, the child really looks forward for it.

The first days usually goes uneventful, but then towards the time when the week ends and the child gets more exhausted with the new routine realizing that this is going to happen every day, outburst and tantrums could begin. But even if the child does a whole crying session first thing in the morning before going to school, after reaching he/she is going to forget it all and will be happily playing with other children. This has been confirmed to me by many nursery school teachers and assistants alike, ‘they’ll be fine when you’ve gone’, and usually they are. Still, it is not easy for the parent to leave a crying child in the hands of others.

A parent has to realize that they have to be wise and a little stern in these hard transition days. But at the same time the child should not be pressurized and always told to take it easy. Pathways understand s this particular woe of the parents and the child as well and thus provides a comfortable and safe environment for the child in the school.

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