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Pathways Gurgaon Student Delson Armstrong launches Book Series in the US | Pathways World School

At a very young age, Delson was fascinated to read as many books as he could, which made him focused to become a full-time writer. He began to write short stories and took the class fiction writing assignments seriously, thus feeding fuel to his writing skills. The first time he decided to take writing as a career option he was in sixth grade, around eleven years old.

With worldwide release of his book, The Falsifier, 20 year-old Delson Armstrong enters the world of literary fantasy with a bang. Delson a student of Pathways World School in Gurgaon released his book on October 15.

With a target audience of sixteen and over, The Falsifier is an exhilarating tale that follows a young man’s journey as he deals with living in the shadow of a legendary father and follows his ordained destiny to unite the scattered remnants of humanity.

Delson also draws on his experiences adjusting to the cultural expectations of growing up in a family that embraced both its Indian heritage and the American way of life. Along with some poignant messages and influences, the book in itself is an entertaining story which has already drawn interest as a Television series.

The book, the first part of a 14 part series known as Red Serpent is loosely based on global discrimination issues which arose post September 11, and explores current intolerances in the guise of an entertaining novel reminiscent of the cult classic Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance.

The messages are blended in an enthralling story which effectively blends a time honoured favourite, Vampires, with Science Fiction. Readers will recognize the influence of political speeches by Presidents George W Bush and Barack Obama, the furore over Obama’s support of a mosque near Ground Zero and the Republican’s bid to deny automatic citizenship to US born children of illegal immigrants.

He knew the story was not going to fit in one book and as he explored the history of the characters and the history of the Vampires in the novel, he realized it spanned a timeline of 150,000 years. And so he decided to write an epic fourteen book saga.

Follow Delson’s work here http://www.delsonarmstrong.com/,  http://peelingofonions.blogspot.com/

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