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Nine Great Tips To Help Your Child Adjust In A New School | Pathways World School

Kids often face the problem of adjustment when moving into a new school. It can be a rough phase for a child if he/she was happy in the old school. Dr. Mary Beth Klotz, a certified school psychologist at the National Association of School Psychologists comments, “It is a big deal for your child, no matter what age they are.”

When this kind of relocation happens, parents should hold a positive attitude and encourage the kids to be open to the new opportunities the new place could bring. When talking to the kids, parents got to emphasize the good things like a new playground and the chance to be the first kids ever in a new school, says Dr. Karen Hoving, a psychotherapist in Aurora, Colorado.
Here are Nine very useful tips to help the kids adjust:
  1. First of let the Kids make new friends but at the same time keep the old ones. Set up a play date with some of her old friends and some new ones – or if she’s older, help her plan a sleepover or movie night. Make sure your help your child keep in touch with her friends that aren’t attending the new school.
  2. Make sure to keep yourself up to date with the child’s new school. This can be done in various ways. Does your child’s new teacher have a website? Checking in regularly to keep tabs on homework assignments and classroom activities is always a good idea. Staying abreast on homework and happenings at school will make the transition easier for everyone.
  3. Getting involved is the key! Getting involved at school will not only the child get to know others, but it’s also its a great way to show support for the child’s education and adjustment in the new environment.
  4. Schools could always use volunteers. Parents should donate some of their time if they can. This will also allow them to get to know teachers and staff at the new school on an informal basis.
  5. Parents got to find out if the new teachers prefers e-mails or phone calls from parents. They should ask what their child can expect to learn this year and how much homework to expect every night. Asking questions and communicating frequently will help the child to stay ahead of them game when adjusting to a new school.
  6. Talking to the child is a welcome option. Parents ought to ask their child what she thinks of the new school. What is her teacher like? Who does she eat lunch with? What are the names of her new friends etc. It’s important to make the child feel like their feelings matter and that they have a say in this new situation.
  7. It is important to remember that the teacher is an ally. Every day the child’s teacher sees how he/she is progressing academically and socially. If the child is having trouble making friends or is struggling with their homework, it is important to contact the teacher right away!
  8. There is no shame to ask for help. If the child has been in the new school for a few weeks and is having problems with the change, it is good to talk to a school counselor or school psychologist. Talking to someone other than a teacher or parent can make a hugely positive impact in how the child adjusts and deals with any problems.
  9. Finally it is vital to remember that going to a new school is a new start for the child. He/she has a chance to make new friends and get to know new teachers. With caring adults like the parents by their side and lots of support at home and at school, they’ll make it through the transition and come out a stronger person!
Pathways World School realizes the importance of the child’s adjustment and acts accordingly. The child is welcomed in the campus and made to feel at home. Parents can feel free to contact the teachers and the school administration so that they can keep a tab to their child’s progress.
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