/Admissions in Delhi Schools | The Real Situation | Pathways World School

Admissions in Delhi Schools | The Real Situation | Pathways World School

Newest Trends for Parent show that the Parents believe that their child should be exposed to global education dimension as they have realized that withoutquality education, the child’s survival in the future would be severely difficult. So they are ready to spend reasonable amount of money for the sake of the bright future of the child. So needless to say they are trying their best to admit their kids into the best schools in Delhi creating a increasingly insane rush.

Reality is getting one’s child admitted to a good school in Delhi is a real tough job!! So what is the point in being grinded by the rush and make your child go through the same when there is an option of sending your child to similar school on Gurgaon???Majority of the good schools in Delhi like DPS, Amity, Ryan, Tagore International, have their branches in Gurgaon. Apart from that there are is an appreciable collection of new generation schools in Gurgaon. International schools like Pathways World School, tops the list of schools in Gurgaon.

Most of the schools in Gurgaon are new, not more than 9-10 years old. Parents seeking admission in Gurgaon schools for their children rely on each other for feedback. The school ratings published in newspaper every year changes frequently leaving parents confused. In such scenario they can only fall back on other parents’ opinion whose children are already admitted in schools.

Pathways World School in Gurgaon, Noida and Aravali is open to year-long admissions for the session of 2011-2012. Pathways is a truly international school with all modern amenities like fully air-conditioned classrooms, an advanced international curriculum and a set of highly qualified and dedicated faculty. Pathways World School Gurgaon, Noida and Aravali invites applications for admission from nursery to graduation. The school imparts practical methods of Montessori to implant values of self discipline and cultural awareness.

Go to http://www.pathways.in/ for more info on the school.

For admission procedure visit http://pathways.in/gurgaon/admission-procedure.asp?over=Admission