/Admissions at Pathways World School Gurgaon, Noida & Aravali – why are we still conducting interviews

Admissions at Pathways World School Gurgaon, Noida & Aravali – why are we still conducting interviews

Few days back there was an article on Times of India informing Delhi/NCR residents that most of the prominent schools like Delhi Public School have decided to shun interviews and took up the process of lucky draw instead to fill up the Nursery admissions this year. School Authorities claim that this very move will not only relieve the parents from a tiring and strenuous admission process but the kids would be spared from the pressure as well. DPS persists that this process of admission proceedings was done due to the huge pile of applications this year.

Needless to say this move created a spur among the parents and all of them has a mixed response about it. For some it is a matter of great relief as it won’t include the rigorous process of interviews and written tests, some believe it is far from being rational. A parent strongly believes that certain kids are smarter than others and she fears that her kid could be the one out of the lucky draw….which will be a hard to manage task for her as her elder child is already a student of DPS. On the other hand another parent is convinced it’s a great relief from the grinding that parents and the child goes through during the admission process.

We at Pathways are still following the time-tested method of interviews with parents and first-come-first-serve basis. We believe that this age-old process is no bad news for talented kids. Every child walking into the school should have a fair chance like the others and they should be given an equal opportunity to explicate their talents. There should be a window of interaction among the parents and the school administration so that they know where they are putting their kids into.

The interviews conducted in Pathways is made as pleasant and non nerve-racking as possible. The whole point of the interview is to find out what the student knows, understands and enjoys. The interview is normally conducted by Head of Admissions, School Director, the respective Principal, Head of Pastoral Care and Residence Co-ordinator (if applicable).

For the complete admission procedure read further:

1. Complete to the online Application For Admission 

download in PDF format
2. Mail in the following additional materials:
Non-refundable Prospectus and Registration Fee
INR 6000 (resident Indians)
INR 7200 (NRI’s & Expats)
Signed and dated Application Signature Form 

download in PDF format

download in PDF format

The Enrollment Contract is non-binding until your student has been offered acceptance and we have received the required non-refundable admission fee. This occurs at a later date. (Both parents/guardians must sign and date. Students applying to Grades 6-12 must sign and date).

Student Form (for students applying for Grades 6 – 12) 

download in PDF format
Copies of past scholastic record of at least two years previous to this application
Subject Selection Form – Cambridge IGCSE – grades 9 – 10 (Applied For) 

download in PDF format
Subject Selection Form – IB Diploma – grades 11 – 12 (Applied For) 

download in PDF format
Transport Request Form (for Day Boarders opting to use school transport) 

download in PDF format
Health Form 

download in PDF format

  • 6 Passport size photographs of the student with name written behind each
  • 1 Passport size photograph of each parent with name and relationship written behind both
  • Copy of student’s valid passport and visa, if other than Indian
  • Copy of student’s birth certificate
  • Copy of proof of residence (in absence of passport or if it is different than the one in passport)
  • Copy of OCI (Overseas Citizen of India) card or POI (Person of Indian Origin) card
Mail the above to:
Pathways School, Baliawas (Admissions Office)
Corporate Office: 2, Sainik Farms,
C-1 Lane,
New Delhi – 110 062