/Nursery Admissions 2010-2011 Scenario – why choose Gurgaon??

Nursery Admissions 2010-2011 Scenario – why choose Gurgaon??

Nursery Admission – Why is it such an important aspect in a child’s life??

Kid in Nursery Class

In today’s world the personality and overall development of a child depends on the school where he/she enrols in and this process starts from nursery it self.

Schooling is an important aspect of a child’s life. Increasingly in today’s world the personality and overall development of a child depends upon which school he/she enrolls in. And as parents, we always want to give the best opportunities for our children. We not only want our children to understand and imbibe the various facets of education, but would also want them to grow up as great human beings. Thus there is a need for recognizing the right school for our children which takes care of wholesome development and goes beyond just giving them an ordinary education. And it all starts by choosing the right school for our children.

Gurgaon Nursery Admissions 2010-2011

This year the process started first in Gurgaon, which not only is an extension of Delhi in terms of lifestyle but also has a sizeable population of people who were earlier residents of Delhi or are employed in Gurgaon. The nursery admission process in Gurgaon is not regulated like Delhi and still follows the old system ofparent and child interviews with no common schedule for admission dates.

Over the past few years many good schools have come up in Gurgaon and they are the first choice schools for all the parents. Parents have to start preparing their child and themselves for the interviews and tests well in advance. Parents needed to be prepared about various questions on parenting that are asked by the schools as well as get their kids to showcase their problem solving abilities and talents in front of the school representatives in order to be on the wanted list of most of the good schools. In this way both the school authorities and the parents have an idea about each other.The role of a good school is very big in Gurgaon as it opens up your child to face the first test of his life on which his next 14 years are going to be dependent upon.

Along with that we released a question bank for parents for the interviews and this ensured that parents knew what could be expected from them and they were well prepared in advance.With no regulation and guidelines regarding Nursery Admissions in Gurgaon, every school had different criteria and method of selecting parents, which did become a matter of debate amongst the parents who want some kind of guidelines to be made on the lines of Nursery Admission system in Delhi.

Hopefully, we should see something like that happening in the future. Gurgaon nursery admission process got over by October end with most parents getting over this first hurdle for their child’s future. Some parents who could not get through the school of their choice, finally opted for the schools they got shortlisted with an aim of trying again next year in the school of their choice.

Delhi Nursery Admissions 2010-2011

Hardly any time had passed since the nursery admissions process in Gurgaon got wrapped up, many schools in Delhi started issuing advertisements and notices about the start of Nursery Admissions process.

Delhi can also be called the test bed of Nursery Admission reforms in India, due to ever changing process in the past few years as a result of various litigations and introduction of new guidelines by the Directorate of Education. It all started with the banning of child interviews and was followed up by reducing the age of admission from 4+ to 3+ for nursery admissions in Delhi. Ever since then, every year is a new experience and an adventure for parents. Having faced the horror of nursery admissions ourselves, which had led to the formation of NurseryAdmissions.Com in 2007 December, we had been bracing up for this year’s mission admission along with parents.

This led to creation of a Parents Charter, with demand of various reforms by the parents that was presented to various decision makers linked with the process this year. The “Parents Charter” had its impact and this led to announcement of a ” Common Admission Schedule” for nursery admissions in Delhi. The schools were asked to start and wrap up the process of admission application formalities within the period of 15th December 2009 to 15th January 2010, with the results to be declared on 1st Febraury 2010 by all schools. All parents were happy with this new guideline, which will save them the horrors of submitting fees in one school and then waiting for refunds later on when thier child’s name got shortlisted in a school of thier choice later on.

This did took many schools by surprise, who had started the admissions process well before 15th December and many had to change thier schedules based on the directive from the DOE. The actual process started post December 15th 2009 in all schools in Delhi and every school came out with its forms and 100 points admission criteria on different dates. Parents were seen doing research for the schools they desire and the schools they had good chance of getting short listed based on the points criteria, which is made up of Distance, Sibling, Alumni, Transfer Cases, Girl Child, Professional and Educational qualification of parents ( in some schools ).

Pathways World School pitched in by sending regular email about all important nursery admission dates in Delhi along with tips and guidance. Initially, all Delhi parents were happily discussing in the forums about various schools with a feeling that nursery admissions this year would be free of any trouble. But as we say, “History Repeats Itself” and so it did. Like past few years in Delhi, this year too parents were in for a shock as many schools started flouting the norms set by DOE by declaring results early, not being transparent in allocation of points and asking for donation for securing the seats, with some schools reportedly not issuing any receipt for the same.

This has led to DOE website getting a flurry of complaints, some of which have been acted upon while some are still in process. The icing on the cake being late announcement by the Delhi Government asking schools to remove the Parental qualification criteria for granting admissions. This has led to major hue and cry amongst the parents community since many schools changed their criteria well after the form submission has closed. Parents who had short listed schools based on the earlier criteria suddenly found themselves in no man’s land and praying for luck.

The first list’s came out on 1st February 2010 and there is a mix of joy and disappointment amongst the parents community depending upon the respective results. As of now, the last minute changes have left many parents bitter and they are trying to take up this issue with the media and a few have decided to take legal course. In one of the case, the court has asked the parent to approach DOE first. Many parents have been left in lurch with their names not appearing in any of the school’s they had applied to. That too after applying in more than 15 schools.

Now they are banking their hopes on the 2nd Lists, which would be announced by various schools later this month.

Why This Problem in Delhi ?

The population of Delhi has grown significantly in the past years. Along with it the economic standard has also improved all over Delhi. Parents are well educated and they want the best schools for their kids, which provide wholesome development for the child. They just don’t want a school, they want a complete environment which prepares their child for the world as it would be 14 years from now. We personally believe in the same philosophy and want a school that fits into this criteria. We want our child to face the world with full confidence once he passes out from the school. He should not just be knowledgeable about the conventional education subjects, but should be able to excel in any field of his choice.

With more and more parents being able to afford quality education, there is still a lack of such schools in Delhi. This leads to this problem of competition for the few seats in the few good schools. This year one school had recieved 4000 applications for approx 100 seats, which implies that chances of securing admission to a good school in Delhi is 1: 40. A lot needs to be done to tackle this issue. More and more schools need to come up in different neighbourhoods, which should be at par with the schools that parents currently seek. Old schools need to upgrade and change their educational methodologies and goals to meet up to parents expectations in the coming years, else we would see this problem increasing even further.

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