/Boarding is no Longer a Punishment

Boarding is no Longer a Punishment

Sending children to a boarding school is one of the hardest decisions for parents to make. After all, who else can understand and care for them like you do? And what about the insecurity they may feel leaving home and all that is familiar?

Your worries are natural, but once you visit Pathways World School and experience the unique environment that is protective and attentive like home and, at the same time, gives them space to grow, you’ll know you’ve made the right choice.

The world class learning facilities, the delicious and healthy multi cuisine meals, the sylvan surroundings, the cozy rooms and friendly staff will leave your child in no doubt about how much his or her happiness matters to you.

Why parents choose Pathways boarding :

residential boarding Pathways World School
If its boarding they seek, Pathways World School is what they prefer

A child’s mind is a sponge. So naturally, we understand your apprehension in leaving them home when your work demands a lot of your time and travel. We understand this anxiety and as a solution to it, we recommend our flexible boarding options. The school offers daily, weekly, and term boarding.

About 40% of Pathways students are either term or weekly boarders. Our flexi-boarding facility not only puts you at peace when you are busy with your work, but also enables your child to be there and spend time with you when you get free. This will keep the child’s weekdays entertained, educative and secure. This way we ensure your child gets a loving home and a secure residential school.

Boarders’ brilliance

It comes as no surprise that most boarders excel in their classrooms. The special attention and daily coaching during their prep time enables them to do so. By constantly monitoring their progress, we get an insight into their strengths and weaknesses. We then endeavour to provide specialized attention to that child. The all round guidance then helps the child to performer better. There have been instances of boarders staying back during their holidays to make full use of the study program doing extremely well in the examinations.

Sports support

Playing a sport builds character. It teaches them patience, hard work, team spirit and the importance of a healthy and fit body. We have trained instructors, some of them being ex- international players.. Staying on campus our boarders get personalised training which have bred sports stars that have made Pathways proud.. An Olympic size pool, squash, tennis, basketball, table tennis, golf, billiards and snooker are some of the indoor and outdoor facilities we provide for our students.

Sport Facilities at Pathways World School
Golf at Pathways World School
Sports Facilities at Pathways World School
Horse Riding at Pathways World School

Dedicated care and attention

The boarders are under the tutelage of the resident parents who are there to gently but firmly guide them. This dedicated set of Residence Parents brings transparency and love that comes at home   . The dedicated residence parents have made a personal commitment to be there for the students beyond the call of duty at any time during day or night. The presence of an experienced residential House Parent living on every floor creates an emotionally healthy and caring environment. We maintain the staff – boarder ratio as 1:25 to ensure individual attention for all.

Facilities and Surroundings

Residential facilities of Pathways World School
A Home Away From Home

Hostel is a word that could never occur to you when you visit our boarding houses. We have created a habitat for the children who live at Pathways. With three-storey gender specific boarding houses, we keep our rooms plush and personal for the students to feel right at home. The students then make it their planet bringing to it their own individuality. Adding to this is the comfortably furnished Common Room with Satellite TV and ample space provided for indoor games and endless conversations. Our style of boarding makes every child want to live here.

Why students feel safe and cared for at Pathways Boarding :

Pathways World School a safe haven
Students feel safe and cared for at Pathways World School

True learning can only be pursued in an atmosphere that is peaceful and secure. The political stability of India makes it the perfect destination for children to discover ideas, develop skills and enhance talents. As a peaceful nation, it inspires confidence and ensures safety.  Besides physical safety, the boarding staff at Pathways also takes care of the emotional security of its boarders. Every floor has Residence Parents, who look after the children with sensitivity and affection. A Resident Parent is someone the boarders can always rely on, anytime of the day, to give help, advice or simply confide in.

Boarders learn from experiences:

Pathways World School experience
Education is incomplete without experience

Always being taken care of at home the children face a challenge to suddenly take care of themselves.. To ease them into this new phase in their lives, we have created different activities for them. These activities help them become independent and comfortable in their life as a boarder.

Where they just relax or play-A fresh breeze on the faces of enthusiastic students clears their minds and keeps them energized for the forthcoming week. A garden graces every boarding house. In these exclusive gardens, the children either sit out taking some time to catch up with their friends or be on their own ruminating on the day.

Be a Chef for a day– For a child, the pleasure churning up a meal can only be experienced. This weekend activity makes the children independent as they get to learn not only to cook but also to serve.

Always stay connected-With 24 hours Wi-Fi connectivity, the students stay connected. This also helps parents keep a track on the progress of the child. Radio linked to the school intranet and monitored internet for anytime anywhere learning assist the student to stay updated on current affairs and help them solve their various queries for research.

Sharing common interests-With well-furnished Common Rooms on each floor, the children get their space to hang out. Here they catch up with fellow boarders and play indoor games. Satellite Television gives them the chance to catch up with their favorite shows, news and other interesting programs. These Rooms have ample space for socializing, sharing common interests or just to relax.

Life is festive and cheerful at Pathways World School :

Pathways World School
Life is beautiful at Pathways World School

In boarding you may stay away from home, but you are never far away from fun and cheer. India as a country is known for its many colourful festivals. We try to bring these festivities to our campus on every given occasion.. This creates a home like atmosphere and does not let a child feel they have missed out on anything.

As we have students from over 49 different nationalities, we make sure every child remains in touch with his country and his culture.. To facilitate that, we celebrate the national day of other countries. We even ensured that the national flags always stay fluttering in the drive way, representing our student nationalities. No matter which part of the world our students come from, they still feel right at home.

There is never a dull moment at Pathways World School

Pathways World School Aravali
The fun side of education

It can never be boring for a child who has so many interesting things to do. Our boarding offers many fun yet constructive activities for the children to occupy themselves with. For starters, we have the Weekly Clubs of like-minded children who share the same passion. Their activities include hiking, crafts, cooking, kite-flying and even something as imaginative as stilt-walking and hula hoop.

Then there is the Crafts Club. The students are encouraged and assisted to express themselves as much as possible by creating art with their hands. It’s amazing to see what they create from just paper, paint and imagination.

The fun doesn’t stop there. The Residence Parents regularly organize activities for the children. Mango parties, chaat nights, candle light dinners and musical skating are loved not only for the entertainment but also as they allow  the children to dress up in their finest. The bonfire nights are also extremely popular.

The talent show is another thing that the children always look forward to. They put a lot of effort into preparing, practicing and perfecting the skill they choose to present. This small platform gives them an insight into the much bigger stages they are likely to grace in the future.

Culturally enriching experience for students

Pathways World School
Cross-cultural setup at Pathways strengthens the bond of humanity

The integration of many nations in one class room leads to sharing of not just lunch and friendship but also history and culture.  The comfort with which these children interact gives an insight into their future where put in any situation, a Pathwayzian will handle it with ease.

The school has a colorful mix of students from over 49 nationalities. We also encourage our students to participate in international exchanges and competitions. The cross-cultural diversity is also very well-reflected in our International Day celebrations — one that further develops the respect, tolerance and understanding of the thoughts and viewpoints of others. The Independence Day celebration at boarding is a perfect illustration of embracing diversity. It starts with hoisting the National flag while the entire Pathways community sings the Indian National Anthem. But it does not stop there. They go on to sing the national anthems of Indonesia and Korea which also celebrate independence on the same day..

Students participate in educational tours around India. Recently a group of students accompanied by teachers visited Gangotri glacier as part of the Ganga-Ek-Antaryatra 2010 which has created an experience of a lifetime for the students.

This endeavor focused on taking scholarship out of the four walls of a classroom. It also gave the students a true meaning of the jungle. They grew to appreciate the value of money earned by doing ‘Shramdaan’ in Gangotri which was gearing up for the pilgrimage in summer. For the first time in a long time they experienced the warmth of friendship in the cold settings of Chirbasa, far-away and for once, without use of modern technology or social networks.

International Exchange

NASA visit
Pathways World School students visit NASA

Pathways organizes various trips abroad. This includes visiting places of educational importance like the Singapore botanical gardens and NASA training center. This is the beginning to prepare our students for the challenge of the global world. Such efforts enrich the educational experiences of the students, as well as enhance understanding among the youth of various countries.