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King’s Academy Model United Nation, Jordan

It was around 1 a.m. when we stepped out of the dorms into the warm night, our eyelids heavy, dawdling towards Takshshila, expecting like always, one more time, that the girls would be late. Slowly widening our eyes and increasing our pace, as we reached Takshshila, the girls were waiting there for us, punctual for the first time. The building was locked and we waited for Ms Allison to come and open her room so that we could get our luggage out and head to the bus that would take us to the airport. Finally, ma’am came to the room and opened it. We headed to the bus, waited for the driver for about 10 minutes and then we got on put the luggage at the back found a cosy spot sat and… huh? What? We’re already at the airport? Well, that was fast.

We slowly unloaded the luggage and spotted a bunch of trolleys and quickly went through the boring and annoying check in. We then wandered around for a while looking for food and water. Wow! These morning flights can be annoying, especially if you’re hungry and you can’t find much. Well, God bless Subway! We bought a dozen sandwiches, literally, and 1…2…3… Poof… they were gone! Wow, we were hungry.

We waited for about an hour to board the aircraft; I sat down and decided to watch a movie, and frankly I do not remember which one it was but I’m guessing it was Alvin and the Chipmunks: the Squeekwal. On the flight we all dozed off till the airhostess came and woke us up for the meal, then we fell asleep again and I woke up about an hour before the flight landed. Before I got on I had wondered what I would do on a 6-hour long flight; well, I guess that has a standard issue answer – eat, sleep, drink and watch T.V.

Soon it was time to land and we could see the desert from the window while landing. As we stepped off the flight and onto the airport, through immigration, received our luggage, we had people from King’s Academy waiting for us. When we stepped out my first question was, “Huh? Where’s the sand? Wow!”

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King's Academy Campus

Jordan is beautiful, amazing! We were escorted to our bus; accompanying us was the Doon School crowd who just happened to be sitting behind us on the same flight; I forgot to mention that, didnt I? I thought the 3 guys behind us were from the Doon School but I couldn’t tell for sure.

We left the airport and rolled out into the beautiful countryside. It was amazing and did not feel like a desert at all, it was like the New Zealand countryside.

King’s Academy. An impressive school sitting on 300 acres of land, with a student population of 400 kids. It was pretty with pleasing architecture. We left our luggage in front of the amphitheatre and went around school. We walked around and finally felt tired and asked if we could go to the hotel as we were tired and had been awake for about 23 hours.

We went to the library and picked a movie to watch till the other schools arrived. But again …zzzz! We woke up for lunch and went to the dining hall; the lunch room was beautiful, nice ceramic plates and nice cutlery. We were served rice and chicken and the food was delicious. We sat with a professor of King’s Academy who had been there for about 3 years, and was originally from Texas, USA. The meal was great and while we proceeded to the auditorium, we grabbed some tasty turkey sandwiches that were being served outside.

There we got our id cards and went into the amphitheatre to watch the opening ceremony. It was interesting.

Dinner was at a club in the countryside. It was opening night and a lot of fun and there were various games we played; a marshmallow eating competition, a “shaving the balloon” contest, and a “cake eating competition”. We also played Bingo and one of us won the full house and got a free ticket to Cyprus valid for one year.

We then had dinner and met some interesting people, who were not very different from us; we had a lot in common. We were then transported to the hotel.

The Kempinski Ishtar was a beautiful hotel, something we realised the next morning when we went down to the banquet halls where the opening ceremony was held. We sat down as the forum leaders introduced themselves and the conference was officially opened by a gong.

pathways world school
Pathways World School Students at KAMUN

There was a coffee break and we left for our respective forum halls. Mine was the smallest, the International Court of Justice (ICJ); it had about 15 people. Then there were the Arab League, the Security Council and the General Assembly which were the biggest. After sitting for 2 hours we had lunch and then went back and sat through the meetings for another three and a half hours.

After the meetings we went back to our rooms and changed for dinner which was at a place called the “Adwan farm” at the Dead Sea. We all ate dinner and hit the dance floor; we danced like a bunch of crazies. And then it started raining, a natural rain dance party; it was a fun, mad night.

The next day we were to visit Petra. I realized that my laptop and TV had been on since the previous night. We bathed and met each other in the lobby and then went down for breakfast through the huge doors. These doors were epically huge. We went down and chewed slowly like slow pokes and finally we went back to the lobby to meet our teacher to leave for Petra. That’s where we were told, the sad astonishing news, “The tour to Petra is cancelled.”

However, we had a back-up plan, shopping. We left immediately in the cars and drove to Amman and shopped in many places; we went to a few local shops and to the city mall and shopped; we then went to the citadel in Amman and were seeing the sights, on the way listening to music – Armin Van Buuren, Asking Alexandria, Bring me the horizon, Oceanlab, Tiesto, Edward Maya. We came back just in time for the dinner at Dier Al-Amar at the Dead Sea.

Pathways World School
Students enjoying the beauty of Jordan

7:45 a.m.! I over slept again. I quickly got up and woke my roomie and went for a bath, I reached my forum at 9:15 a.m., and I was late, embarrassing. But well, I made it through, and sat through the other case. We sat for 5 straight hours, then lunch at 1 for an hour and back to the forum and we sat through the other 5 and a half hours. Eleven hours of conference and finally, the most awaited, the Beach Party! We all dressed up after the conference and went down to the beach to have dinner. It was amazing; we all danced with our friends and the other kids, whom we didn’t even know, it was an interesting night, it was a lot of fun; we left for the rooms and fell asleep.

Well, finally the last day, we were a few people less as a school from the U.S., the Northfield Mount Herman School, had to leave that morning; they had a 5 a.m. flight. However, we carried on with the MUN and in my forum we had the closing speeches and then the ICJ went into the voting procedure.

After 2 and a half hours we finally got out, and checked out of the hotel and left for the school. In the auditorium and we had the keynote speech and the closing speech during which many forum presidents had a lot to say. My forum president had the most interesting closing speech, her exact words were, “Things like facebook is out of order, laughing is out of order and decorum became white noise.”

Pathways World School
Enlightening experience for Pathways School Students

Subsequently, we had lunch with the prime minister. Finally, we left for the airport and again we went through the boring immigration and walked around the airport and shopped at the duty free, and ate food at this cafe in the hotel, don’t remember what it was called, but great pizzas. Then we went to the plane and sat in our seats, and took off, I saw a bunch of movies on the flight and ate a really tasty meal.

So, to summarize, I count my achievements:

Sitting through meetings, feeling like my dad does, Involving fun and laughter in our meetings, something every adult should do, Making new friends from around the world and finally Learning to make better decisions.

And something that only an MUN can teach best: CONFIDENCE.