/A Peek into the World of Advertisements

A Peek into the World of Advertisements

The students of Grade 4 were treated to an informative and riveting presentation on the world of advertisements by Mr. Sandeep Lakhina, our guest speaker for the unit of inquiry ‘Commercial Break’.

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Workshop on the world of advertisement

The presentation began with a question answer session on the importance of advertisements. Mr. Lakhina introduced the students to some classic advertisements from all over the world. He then expounded on the role advertisements play in reducing costs of newspapers and cable television bills, apart from the apparent task of informing about new products. Students were introduced to the components of an advertisement and the strategies used in etching the message of the advertisement in our minds.

The students proved to be true inquirers and asked probing questions that were answered with finesse by the guest speaker. Many students had a query about the process of ad-making and Mr. Lakhina took them through the steps using an example. The forum was thrown open for more questions and the students posed some intelligent questions like honesty in advertisements, time taken to complete an advertisements, etc.

At the end of the presentation the guest speaker asked the students to design an advertisement for their school. The students worked in groups to come up with some stupendous advertisements with equally innovative slogans. Mr. Lakhina went through the work done by the students and was highly impressed by the creativity and thinking skills displayed by the students.