/Color Splash Recycle City

Color Splash Recycle City

Pathways World School
Grade 1 kids enjoying the project
Pathways World School
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Students of Grade 1 learnt about various public places through the Unit of Inquiry “Public Places”. They worked on a project in which they made an entire city called the Colour Splash Recycle City.

Recycle City
Starting young

They started planning the layout of the city and decided the position of each building in the quadrangle. Through this they learnt mapping skills.

They chose various public places like apartments, a church, an office complex, a bank, an airport, a railway station, a fire station, a monument and a police station.

Children worked in pairs and researched their public place. They shared their roles and responsibilities towards these public places with each other. In making this city, they used empty boxes/cartons, plaster of paris, paint, recycled cloth and paper. This activity also gave the students an opportunity to develop various skills: confidence, organization, communication, presentation and fine motor skills. They also learnt about recycling material and sharing resources.