/Riding a New High

Riding a New High

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Experience cycling like never before

A splendid experience came my way recently. It all started with a chance meeting with a stranger on 2 wheels up the hill on the Aravalli Retreat. The stranger sure had strange ways, in the sense that he roamed all over the landscape on his bicycle and checked out new trails every weekend.

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A whole new outlook

During this weekend, I too was roped in for such a ride. Geared with a helmet, tail-light, head-light and a bicycle with gears, I set off at the crack of dawn with the same strange stranger who has a group of enthusiastic cyclists from Gurgaon that explores new territory each weekend.

The ride was short and regular, according to the regular bikers… 35 kms only! We pedalled away from South City 2 and wheeled to the architectural landmark of Qutub Minar at Mehrauli as our destination. The round trip lasted from 5 a.m. to 9 a.m. And it was amazing how the landscape and the fleeting images look so different from a saddle-seat as compared to the usual view through a car window. I was amazed at my own capabilities and how I was constantly stretching them in order to achieve this feat. It was incredible to see that there exists an actual bunch of people out there who defy the stereotype of how a “lazy” Saturday is spent and are completely ‘insane’ to be up at an unearthly hour to go around in circles on two unpowered wheels! Kudos to the Pedal Yatris who have sustained this initiative and would be only happy to have more in their fold.

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New Experience for Pathwayzians

The feel of the road, the initial discomfort of deciphering the gears, the excruciating pain of being glued to the ‘saddle’ are all beaten hollow by the overriding feeling of the wheels, the wanderlust and ‘chai’ during these cycling expeditions.

Visit these cyclists at www.pedalyatri.com and join them, if you really like your window seats and want to run away from home every weekend.