/Patauda Water Conservation Project

Patauda Water Conservation Project

Collaborative Service Project

Pathways World School
Patauda Water Conservation Project

Nature of the Project

This Project is being launched by Pathways World School on the World Environment Day as an extension to our on-going efforts under the CAS (Creativity, Action and Service ) programme and also the activities of Round Square and the IAYP (International Award for Young People).
We are sharing this Project and the experience we have gained from it, residents of these locations, our students and our RS fraternity….to further spread the message of change and value the IDEALS, particularly of Environment and Service.


Pathways World School initiative


We intend to develop this Project as a long term association with the region.


Pathways World School initiative
Students at work

It is intended to operate this Project on a continuous basis for a period of at least three years, during which we intend to cover a periphery of 5 square kilometres that has been surveyed and identified by our enthusiastic young Geographers, as a field survey.

There are plans afoot to work with six schools in the region that are engaged in providing education to the masses in the neighbouring villages, on either side of the ridge.


Pathways World School Initiative
Community service is a priority for Pathways

Also, it is intended to develop a series of check dams and clear water channels (with the expertise of an NGO – Hariyali aur Rasta) who have the resources and skill set to guide us in this process.

While the full impetus of a regular Project lasts for a time barred period, here, we intend to continue upkeep and continued effort to happen right through the year as a part of the schools’ programmes.




Nature of Work – Project Patauda

The locally known ‘Patoda’ (in local language, to denote a Waterhole) is a frequented location where buffaloes and cows from the vicinity come to graze and sit in the swamp/low lying water that collects there.


Pathways World School
Project would involve de-silting the area of the pond


Over the years, the catchment to this waterhole have been blocked, due to commercial use of surrounding land area, and the silting of the area itself has made the place shallow, thereby depleting the water, much earlier than in the past.

The Project would involve de-silting the area of the pond and if possible, clearing up the channels that bring rain water to this lake, from the catchment areas.




This Project has the active participation of students and adults from not only the host school, but also from schools who are part of the Round Square fraternity and beyond. We have The Doon School, British School and St. George’s School, Switzerland joining us in this endeavour with three teachers and sixteen students working on the below mentioned dates.


Pathways World School
Active student participation



Proposed Location

Stay Location             : Pathways World School,  Aravali Retreat, Gurgaon, Harayana

Work Site Location : 2 kms radius from the camp, Off, Gurgaon Sohna Road.


Dates: Saturday, 5th June 2010 – Monday, 14th of June 2010
Age Group:
15- 18 yrs (open to both genders)